Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sewing Projects, Snowcones, and ....twilight?

This is what I was trying my best to accomplish yesterday......what a cute idea, huh? I got it here at The Creative Crate - check it out - she's got some really fun ideas. I'm loving the bracelets she's got today..... Anyways, I made this for my nephew's 2nd birthday....(Amanda if you see this, hope you like it!).
This is part of what I had to do to get the towel completed......bribe the kiddies with a snowcone in order to stay out of my hair for a few minutes.Do you see what I saw???! I swear, I can't avoid it! I was cracking up because my kids were whining for snowcones yesterday afternoon and I thought I could send them outside for 15 minutes while I finished up the towel project. So, we drove to the snowcone stand and look what on the front window! Yes, a "Twilight" flavor.....so....of course I have to get that one! While we were in line with about five 8-12 year olds in front and five 8-12 year olds behind, my son and daughter kept saying..."Mommy,,,,, are you gonna get the TWILIGHT flavor?! Huh, are you? Are you gonna get TWILIGHT??" over and over and over....
Yes, I got the Twilight flavor, and it was oooh sooo refreshing....nice and cold, like you know who. And I think you do! Lovely self portrait, I know. Why do I keep torturing myself?
Happy customer with the "Batman" flavor and wearing fleece pants (102 yesterday)...he's dressing himself these days.
My girl with her favorite "Cherry" flavor...
hey stayed outside all of about 5 minutes once we got home.....with me (because I was eating my own snowcone, of course, did I mention it was "Twilight" flavor?) then we all came back inside because it was soooooooo stinkin hot.
Didn't get the towel done in that time frame, but I did get it done, and hopefully the birthday boy will be pleased!
By the way, I'm not sure what flavor "twilight" actually is...maybe sort of a blueberry, grape thing...oh well....it was a good giggle!

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