Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Still....Making Pumpkins!

I am still making pumpkins! I've created a monster I think....who knew so many people had birthdays, needed to be thanked, or just needed a little "happy" during the months of September and October?? This particular one is headed to Indiana for a belated birthday gift to my mom.
I do love making them. You can mix and match any sort of fabric and embellish them in all sorts of creative ways. I've started hot glueing the crocheted leaves and the twine on them. The raffia is a cute touch too.
That's it for today. I'm crazy busy getting ready for another Holiday show in November. It will be held at the University Christian Church in Fort Worth. I'll have more details for you as soon as they send me an official e-mail with the flyer. The little boy is in pre-school to get to it!!!

1 comment:

Andee said...

Oh good! I'd like to try to make that one. :)

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