Friday, November 19, 2010


Broken refrigerator, Broken garage door, Broken dish network receiver, Broken truck, Broken gate (actually 2 broken gates), on the verge of being broken hot water heater, a rattling something in my car window that is most likely broken, and the list is growing..........

Truck repaired - check.
Refrigerator repaired - check.
Garage Door repaired - check.
Dish Receiver on it's way, hopefully check.  In the meantime, we are w/o television for 4 days.  Yes, probably a good thing, but you try it with 2 kids and let me know how that goes :)
Still have to make some phone calls on the gates...
Rattling car window will have to wait (although it's making it hard for me to hear Sam Bradley while driving :)

When did they quit making things that last?

Broken hearted little girl.  Missing her grandmother.  This will take longer to repair.  We are all feeling broken over this, especially with Thanksgiving/Christmas.

Broken portable DVD player.  Suffered a little boy's cowboy boot to the screen.  Road trip to Mississippi in the near future.  May result in broken parents' nerves.

Thankful for what is not broken right now.

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