Tuesday, November 13, 2007

It's Done! And I'm in love!

I'm thinking that the brown material for this apron came from a pioneer dress that my mom made for me when I was a little girl. All I know for sure is that I've seen this fabric for a long, long time in my mom's stash. I'm so glad it's seeing the light of day again! This little apron came together so beautifully. The sides are 2 hankies, the bottom is a vintage pillowcase, the larger pocket is a hankie that was just waiting to be placed on this exact apron. The blue doily is also a little pocket.
This apron makes me proud because of the fact that I've been taking care of two little munchkins who have both been in various degrees of sick - just yuck sick - not vomit sick, thank goodness...I'm knocking on wood - but coughing, runny noses sick. but I did manage to create this piece while maintaining a household. Granted, I hear one crying at the moment, so I suppose this post will come to an end shortly. He's decided to skip his morning nap entirely and seems to have an opinion on his afternoon nap! We're at the stage where I know the end of morning naps is near, so our daily routine is getting a little topsy turvey. You know what I mean - you count on those morning naps to get this and that done and when that doesn't happen it can throw off your entire day! So, I suppose I won't be headed into the sewing room for some piece and quiet afterall. We're headed to town later today for a big boy haircut! I'm praying for a little boy that sits still - I've got the M&M's ready for a bribe!

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