Monday, February 18, 2008

More Vintage Creations and a Challenging Morning

I wanted to share this darling little set I made for a baby shower gift for a great customer of mine!
It's made once again from my favority green floral tablecloth and bits and pieces of vintage lace, rick rack and chenille.

I had plans this morning first, to run to the post office to mail this order - but....President's Day! Post office closed. Seems like I always need to mail something during a National Holiday.
So...I dropped #1 off at PreSchool and came home with #2. We proceeded about our morning, and my little monkey boy decided to open up the pantry and help himself to a can of Dr. Pepper. (Note to self.....MOVE the Dr. Pepper) He dropped it....and it sprayed...and sprayed....and sprayed. All over my floor, walls, my boy, and the contents of the pantry.

So....I spend the rest of my morning cleaning up sticky Dr. Pepper off of the walls, floor, boy, and contents of pantry. Of course little boy had to "help" clean also.

Anyway, no sewing this morning - unless I can get something accomplishe in the next 15 minutes before lunch time!

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