Friday, February 8, 2008

Vintage Pattern

Isn't this one of the most adorable little patterns??? I think my Mom gave it to me. For those of you that don't know - my parents have an antique shop - up North, Midwest Corn country! Anyway, I am so lucky that I get my hands on some really fun items. Yesterday afternoon, on a whim, while both kiddies were sleeping peacefully, I decided to get this one out and see if I could make heads or tails from the pattern instructions. It ended up being so easy - and I think, SO cute!
My girl loves, loves, loves to twirl and swirl in it. She's decided that she's going to wear it all day today, just to spin and whirl around the house.
It took quite a bit of fabric, it's a full circle - also - I love the waistband - you don't really see that on little girls' clothing now. You can't see it, but the hem as a facing, it's a seperate pattern piece that you attach to the hem and then turn it up. I've never see that in a modern pattern.
I'll probably start looking in my fabric stash and see if I can construct one of these to put on my etsy shop.
Just love them!

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