Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Apronista - If You Love Aprons - this is for You! and "Apron Angels"

I've been meaning to tell you all out there who are lovers of aprons about this great group that I am a part of - The Apronista. It's about 455 members strong now and a wonderful resource if you collect aprons, sew aprons, or just love to talk about aprons. If you are interested - leave me a comment with your e-mail (if I don't have it already) - and I'll send you an invite to join.

Visit The Apronista
Apron Angels -

Currently, I'm working on a project for disaster relief - for victims of the terrible tornados that have destroyed communities across Southwest Missouri. We are contributing handmade aprons to be distributed to the women who are struggling to get themselves back on their feet - just a small way to let them know that other women care about them and to try to bring a little joy to their lives. Aprons don't have to be about labeling women as those who only stay in the kitchen - they are about many things including expressing your creativity, showing you care about your family, honoring women from the past - who had more calluses, flour, tears, and dirt on their hands than I'll ever have! Anyway, you can read more about the "Apron Angels" on this blog - http://mybyrdhouse.blogspot.com/
Lucy - thanks again for organizing this!

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