Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Busted. And my "Happy" T-shirt

Yep, I was busted. I absolutely forgot that Monday was Wear Your Apron Day. I'm so sorry, I'll have to make it up to you. I do have an excuse though, I promise.

My family had to take an unexpected trip to Mississippi this past weekend. It was a whirlwind of a trip, 10 hours each way with my two little munchkins in the back seat. We left Thursday night and returned Sunday evening. My little girl was perfectly happy entertaining herself with snacks, movies, books, coloring, etc. My little boy on the other hand,...well...he's 21 months old - what do you expect?? I can tell you what to expect, if you've never driven 10 hours straight with a 21 month old little boy - lots of whining, crying, fussing, pouting, and squirming. However, we are home safe and sound now, whew.
I am very proud of my sister though, she did manage to wear her apron all day, and remind me that I had forgotten mine.
Did you all wear yours? If so, tell me about it!
I wanted to show this to you all - it's a t-shirt I made the other day. Well, I didn't actually "make" the t-shirt, I stamped the design onto the t-shirt. And, the best part - it only cost me $5! I bought the t-shirt at Joann's a few weeks ago when they had them on sale. I also bought the stencil... "Happy" from Joann's on clearance for $1. I happened to have the paint at home - so that was a freebie. All I did was stencil the design onto the t-shirt using acrylic paint, let it dry, and that's it! Pretty cute, as far as I'm concerned. My only thing is that I wish the t-shirt wasn't 100% cotton - I like a little bit of polyester in there just to help keep it's shape. All in all, a fun, quick project.

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