Wednesday, May 7, 2008

National Wear Your Apron Day! May 12! and Bad News for Men In Trees

Come on ladies! Show your apron pride!

National Wear Your Apron Day is coming up - the Monday after Mother's Day.
If you don't believe me, You can read about it Here at the Kitchen Madonna

Dig out your favorite apron and wear it over your jeans, shorts(if you're in the South like me), skirt, pajamas (again like me most likely! - although I do have some adorable pajama pants I just made from vintage sheets, matching ones for my little girl too - I'll have to post about that later).
Send me some pictures, and I'll post some of mine!
this is just a cute picture of my littlest munchkin........

Oh my gosh - They've cancelled Men In Trees! I'm crushed! I can't believe ABC is going to cancel this great show. It was one quality show that I really enjoyed watching (besides Dancing with the Stars! Way to Go Cristian!). Apparently, they are going to have a season finale, which at least is something. I just really thought that was a great show - so funny, endearing, thought provoking - made you laugh and cry (not to mention the eye-candy - the scenery, you know..the mountains, the men, the mountains). And, I've been meaning to mention this for awhile now, but has anyone noticed the adorable aprons that Ann Heche (Maryn) wears?? I've been looking for a picture on the web somewhere, but haven't been able to find one. Yet, another reason to miss this show!Maybe somebody will pick up the re-runs. Ugh - I'm still pissed though.

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