Monday, September 29, 2008

The Great Escape! Round Top/Warrenton

Round Top was great! We all just kept saying - "OMG - I can't believe how much stuff there is!" It literally kept going, and going, and going. Fun road trip, fun friends, good food, dirty feet, found treasures, close quarters = one great weekend! We could have shopped for a week and still not have seen everything.

"Clutter" - the mantra of my life it seems lately! One cute tent too....

The Coffee Bug - I just thought this was too cute for some reason. Who would have ever thought to put a Volkswagon Bug with a camper?
Some refreshment at Royer's Zapp Hall................. good chicken salad, ice cold tea, and great people watching.
The Mae Ola House - our home away from home!
Some of our fun finds! I just know you wish you had found them first! Hop over here at Forever Flamingo and ask Lacie about her 4 ft. plastic Santa!

Here's my stash......... (minus a really cute barn wood wall hanging with a star cut out for my boy's room). I'm really, really loving all of it. The recipe box is cedar lined, tongue and groove with a Bakelite handle. The ladies that sold it to me were so sweet and fun to chat with.
The train case is this great yellow color. I'm planning to store some of my fabric stash/sewing supplies in there.
The "Bird Barn" was just cute - not sure where to hang that yet. And, the wooden picture of the lady doesn't have a spot yet either. My hubby isn't too sure of her - one of those, "and, WHY did you buy that?" purchases. But I love her anyway.

All of my linens - awaiting a good, hot, sudsy wash............ Yes, that is a naughty Christmas apron laying there!

We stopped in Giddings at the Taco Bell - flush toilets and soap with a sink were definitely the high points. Then, at Health Camp in Waco for the best milkshake I think I've ever had!

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