Friday, September 5, 2008

Taggie Project and the Big Yellow Bus

Just sharing a project I completed for a Great customer of mine - thanks again!

These are little taggies going to 3 little babies - little triplets. Everyone... pause for a moment of prayer for their parents. What a blessing! is my girl coming off of the school bus for the first time. What a brave girl! She rode home for the first time Wednesday. She said that she got a little teary eyed because she couldn't remember her Bus #, but we've written it on her backpack now and quizzed her over and over since then. I think she's enjoying it a bit more. Riding the bus is a rite of passage in my book - of course I was tortured into riding it through high school when I was a kid! (Don't worry Sweet Pea, I won't make you do that)
Her brother just about turns himself inside out, he's so excited to see that big yellow bus stop in front of our house!

1 comment:

amandatonagel said...

Love the brown taggies and #1 looks so cute running off the bus. Happy Early B-Day!

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