Monday, September 15, 2008

Puppy Dog and a Monster - gotta be for a boy. Back to School Groove.

Just sharing these two little t-shirts I made for another great customer of mine. I especially love how the puppy turned out, such a sweet expression. Great for back to school.
Hope you're getting into the groove of "back to school". I think we are. Bed times have been moved up to 7:30pm, dinner moved up to 5:30pm, rise and shine moved up to 6:30am, etc. Unfortunately, I still want to stay up late, which means I'm not getting my 8 hours of beauty sleep each night. Around nap time for my boy, I'm struggling some days to keep my eye lids from closing.
Craft Club is meeting tomorrow night at my house. We are making aprons. I'll be sure to share with you how they turned out! I'm planning to make Jambalaya (sans the shrimp - I don't do seafood), homemade bread and cookies for dessert. I had intened to have a nice green girly salad also, but completely forgot to get lettuce at the store - so, no salad. O well, we'll make up for the calories in wine and cookies anyhow.

1 comment:

amandatonagel said...

Can't wait to see your craft club aprons. I want to be in your craft club! :)

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