Thursday, October 30, 2008

Creepy Birds and Other Things

We went camping over this past weekend and I had to take this picture. These are buzzards sitting on the electrical tower. They were so creepy - you could hear them flapping their wings and smacking against each other and the metal on the tower. I could also hear the electricity buzzing along the lines - nice backdrop to camping in the great outdoors, huh? And a note to my sister - "NO, these are not eagles!"
It wasn't all buzzards, we made smoores over the campfire too - of course my picky kids only ate the chocolate. I haven't ever shared a picture of our doggy - I thought he looked so handsome here. He LOVED camping - he even did pretty well on the floor of the camper during the night. We're looking forward to more fun weekends - just campsites without buzzy buzzards and electricity - and o yeh, flush potties might be a nice addition too!!!!

I have gotten some sewing time in this past week. This is a Yo Yo pin I made for a customer - I just loved the pink and brown together. She is going to pin it to a chocolate brown hat for her little girl.

This is a custom order I did after a customer spotted my apron in these same fabrics. We got an early start on Trick Or Treating last night at church. Just had to share a picture of "Belle" and the "Lion". My boy basically drug his sister all around the parking lot and kept saying, "Tricky Treat, Roar!" all night. Too cute. (Yep, that a Jedi in the background)

My sister is doing a few craft shows for me and I've been trying desperately to get some products ready to send to her. The first one is November 15th - so it's really fast approaching. I'm cutting, glueing, like crazy.

Thank you for all of your comments on the Giveaway! I've had a great time reading all of your comments! I don't have a tally yet on the sweater - but I'll be sure to share once I do. Of course, my hubby thinks he's in the lead, but I'm not sure! I do think the sweater is destined for better things - whether that's a spot in the back of my closet or some more cutting and sewing.

You still have until midnight Friday to leave a comment and/or link me to your blog for an additional entry. We'll draw a name Saturday! Good luck!

Got to 2 year old has water blasting from the sink in the bathroom and I have no idea what the damage is!! Better go check it out - then run to the store for some cold medicine and tissues - we're all coughing and stuffed up this week.

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amandatonagel said...

Love the camping pics. Looks like you guys had fun. I laugh every time I see a turkey vulture fly over our house. Charlie asked what it was and I made sure to tell him it was a vulture and not an eagle. :) Love the yo-you too. I'm still siding with Andy. :)

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