Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Vintage Overalls for my Boy

I had to share a picture of my boy in this pair of overalls. I'm calling them "vintage" because I know they are at least 32 years old, maybe a little older. My husband wore them as a little boy and I believe my brother-in-law (my boy's uncle) wore them as well, so they are special.

He spotted the crows in the front yard in this picture.
I can't make out the brand very well on the front label, but the brass buttons say "FLY's". The label on the front looks like it has a butterfly and some other wording, but it's very worn.

Anyway, I love them and am so glad that my boy can wear them too. He looks like a little farm boy.


amandatonagel said...

I love it when our kids get to wear some of our "old" clothes. My boys are wearing Kip's old Halloween costumes again this year. I am squeezing Sawyer into the Indian outfit. He may show a little belly but it is still so cute!

susan said...

ack! too cute. i hated the day my daughter stopped wearing overalls~
they were our staple outfit!!and how cool that they are 30+ yr old hand me downs!

Lacie said...

Too sweet! How do they NOT have holes in the knees!!!! I'm never going to get to hand down K's jeans b/c they all have holes in the knees!

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