Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fall Fun

What a handsome boy, don't you think?! I took my boy to the Pumpkin Patch last week with a group of friends and their children. It was so much fun! I tried not to say too much in front of my girl, since she was sad that she wasn't able to go (kindergarten). It was nice though to have that outing with just my boy. I was able to do lots of things like that with my girl when she was little, but it seems like now I'm just hauling my boy around to all of his sister's activities.
I let him make the Snack Mix yesterday. He thought that was so neat, getting to mix everything together. This was actually a good activity for him, since he's just starting to get interested in helping me in the kitchen (once again, just like his big sister - Monkey See, Monkey Do). No real mess to clean up in the end.
Lacie gave me recipe last year - it's really just M&M's, cashews, raisins, and candy corn. Of course, my boy is eating only the "M ees", no big surprise there.
I may have to move the stash to the cupboard so he can't see it - just in a location so his mom can eat it all day.
Also, just so you know, this is the only picture I could get of him with a smile. He refused to open his eyes, little toot.

I love fall!


Lacie said...

We were looking for the pumplin patch we went to last year and I don't think they are doing it...where did yall go?

whoopsiedaisiesgal said...

hey lacie-
we went to Country Critters in Alvarado - Mansfield. It took us about 45 minutes - I think you need reservations.

amandatonagel said...

Yum! We made some of that too. Charlie keeps sneaking into the kitchen and coming out with orange goo all over his face (candy corn). It is nice to just spend time with one kiddo every once in awhile. I like the smiley picture!

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