Friday, August 14, 2009

Blood, Sweat, and new Vintage Patterns

I really do put my blood, sweat and tears into every project I make - as evidenced by the picture above. I had my morning planned - sewing supplies purchased (or so I thought), kids playing (or destroying the house, however you want to look at it), I was ready to dive in and get some creative time in. Well, not too far into it I realized that I forgot to purchase velcro from the store yesterday which put a delay in the project I really wanted to finish. So, instead decided to cut out more pajama pants out of the really cool sheets I brought back with me from Indiana.
Should have closed that cover on the rotary cutter - OUCH! Hate it when that happens. Don't worry, I'll cut around the blood stain on the sheet...
So, I've been wanting to share these patterns I brought back with me also. They all came out of my mom's stash. So, most of them were used by her. Do you remember the chicken door stops? or was that just me? I sure remember my Raggety Ann doll mom made me. I gave her a bath in the toilet, poor Ann.

The little turquoise rob came to me one Christmas - only mine was quilted mustard yellow with little red flowers.
This one cracked me up! Can't say I remember Dad wearing a rob at any point, but Mom swears she made him one. I'm threatening my hubby with the plaid one on the right. The guy on the left looks myteriously like Burt Reynolds. I think the guy in the middle is scared to death his wife will make him the robe, and the guy on the right is thinking "Why did I pose for this stupid picture?" pretty funny.
These were all some dresses Mom made for herself. I'm thinking it'd be fun to try them for myself, during my spare time....yeah right.
So, I'd love to do something with these. I've seen adorable decoupage items that others have made from vintage patterns. I won't cut them up - I'll make color copies of them if I do that.
Do you have any vintage patterns? Have you sewn with them? Done some other craft with them?
Kids are bickering.......better go referee......and get a band aid for my hand, it's dripping now.


Andee said...

I just found your blog via etsy and told my husband that I found my long lost twin! I live in Ft. Worth also and adore vintage stuff and sew some (not as well as you, but hopefully if I keep at it). I really like your work, especially the pj pants. Oh, and I'm a Twilight fan, too! Anyway, I just wanted to say hi!

whoopsiedaisiesgal said...

Hi Andee! So glad to "meet" you! Do you have a blog?? I'll have to check it out!!

Andee said...

Yes, it's
It's more of a family blog, but there is a link on the right to my sewing projects that I've saved to flickr. I'd be honored to have you stop by!

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