Sunday, August 9, 2009

TwiCon 2009...Since I know you're just dying to are, right??

Here are just a couple of pictures from my weekend in Dallas - we had a great time! Met lots of people who share the love of any and all Twilight. If any of you are reading this and considering a TwiCon trip - you may want to check out another option. I have to say that the organization was terrible. It seemed we were promised a lot of things that didn't come to pass. All in all, I'm thrilled to have been able to go and spend a weekend away with friends. But we made our own fun.
Here are some of the highlights:
Being totally immersed in all "twilight" for 4 days
Doing something totally self indulgent and silly!
Not being embarassed to wear all of my Twilight t-shirts, buttons, excellent twilight jeans, etc.
Meeting lots of other "twihards"
Feeling that talking about Twilight all day, everyday with 3000 other people, is totally normal!
Watching the Twilight film with 500 other enthusiastic fans
Seeing the actors...well....sort of...the "volturi" were a bit too strong handed, and again, poor organization - but the actors themselves were all very entertaining and nice
Seeing Bobby Long, Marcus Foster, and Sam Bradley perform at Poor David's Pub
Meeting Bobby Long, Marcus Foster and Sam Bradley
Expanding my musical tastes - check out National Rifle and 100 Monkeys
Attending the Volturi Ball
The Vendor Hall was fun - if a bit small -
Reelz Channel - for Everything Twilight!
The Hillywood Show kids - they had the best attitude - always able to get a laugh!
My autograph from Alex of the "wolf pack" Our Most Awesome Twilight Jeans being modeled - oh and our "Alice" vests....all quite normal at this venue, I assure you.

Yes,...I know Edward is not real...but, hey this is the closest I'll ever get....just for giggles :)

Life would be so dull if none of us persued our passions - which is really what this blog is about, and what being creative is about. I'm glad that 3000 other people decided to express themselves and their love of a book. And, I'm also glad that I can sew, craft, and create and share those things with you. We shouldn't be embarassed about what inspires us and expands our lives. Doing new things and meeting new people who are passionate, inspires me to be more creative, I hope it does the same for you!

See - I can relate twilight to crafting and sewing......(laughing at myself!)


amandatonagel said...

I will admit, I was dying to see pics. I want to see some of the vulturi ball!

whoopsiedaisiesgal said...

go to Reelz Channel - the link is in my post and look for Volturi Ball pictures there. They have much better pictures than I was ever even close to taking - a strict no flash policy made it hard to take many pictures at all.

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