Monday, August 31, 2009

Nap Mat Time

I had to share this Tutorial I found online by Jenny Garland. I'm so pleased with the way this little nap mat turned out. I love how it rolls up nice and neat - love the button closures and has a pillow and blanket attached. The foam padding comes out, as well as the pillow insert (my addition) so that the entire thing is washable. The only thing I changed was the pillow - I put a pillow insert inside with button holes for ribbon ties on the sides. The side of the mat has velcro along the side for easy removal of the foam.I also had a little flub up on the amount of fabric and ended up buying 1/2 the amount I was supposed to - so that's why you see the plaid color on the strap and button tabs. I ended up using a vintage sheet that was in my stash.
Hope you like it! Check out Jenny's blog for the complete instructions - I'm so glad I did!


SuzSpeaks said...

I just clicked on your blog from another! I love this nap mat. I recently had a friend make me a cover for my son's... we looked at this tutorial!

I love the fabric you chose too!

Andee said...

This looks awesome. I love "happy accidents" that make the project even more special in the long run.

whoopsiedaisiesgal said...

Thanks - I'm loving the nap mat too. Most of my projects end up "becoming my own" just because of little mess up's - not sure what that says about my sewing skills - I think it has more to say about my mommy's mental capacity at the moment! Afterall, I did the shopping for the materials with my 3 yr old and my 6 year old in tow :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I have a little one heading to kindergarten next year and they need to bring a nap mat to school. I was wondering what the cost was and if you were taking orders for those. I'd like it to be neutral as I could re-use it a few years later for our daughter.

I'm a friend of Amanda Tonagel and I stumbled across your blog through hers. You are sooooo creative! I love looking at all you've done. She gave me a diaper/wipe sack for my daughter's shower and I LOVE it!!!!

Nikki Dyson

whoopsiedaisiesgal said...

Hi Nikki -
You can e-mail me from my blog -

and I'd be happy to discuss the nap mat with you! Thanks for the inquiry!

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