Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My new "Junk"

Here are pictures of my piles of new "junk" that I found in Indiana a few weeks ago.....lots of embroidered goodies, lace goodies, crocheted trim, etc..... These are pillowcases...not sure what I'll do with them yet - but excited to have some new patterns to work with.
Then, these are the sheets - probably destined to become pajama pants.....the green sheet on the right has super soft and has this perfect 5 inch or so edging - it'll be perfect for the bottom hem of the pants.
This is a bark cloth drap I found....I love working with bark cloth - it's really sturdy for bags and pouches.
Slowly getting myself back into the swing of things and getting caught up with mail, bills, returning phone calls, etc. all the stuff you have to do after being gone. Three weeks worth of good down time, fun time, not much house cleaning, cooking, laundry time!
My hubby has been gone too - headed up north fishing - I "tried" to get the lawn mowed this morning, but after being bitten by fire ants, practically dying of heat stroke, and having the mower die on me (there's a little trick to get it going again, but I'm not privvy to that knowledge, guess it gives the man of the household something to hold onto since he's not mowing the grass these days), I caved and have a very nice boy mowing for me at the moment.
More pictures to come...! Oh - and I love tatting! I've actually made a little ditty to show you!

1 comment:

Jennifer Green said...

I love love the bright colored pillow case--that will make some very funky embellishments or something! Glad y'all had a fun trip!

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