Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The County Fair

Just had to share some pictures of my kiddos at the County Fair. They saved their money for 6 months in order to buy their own chocolate milk (25 cents/cup) at the Farm Bureau building.....mmmmm...mmmmmm.
These are my kids and their two little cousins from Indiana...won't be long and they'll be too big to fit in the wheel!
My girl - she looks like a natural, don't you think?? loved it - they made ropes with their Papa all week......
We love the fair - the kids had such a great time. They like to spend a good portion of it in Pioneerland, which is fine with me. Lots of things for them to do - and it's educational, and they are spending time outside, and spending time with their grandparents and friends.
We had such a nice visit this year - perfect weather (as far as I'm concerned - 80 degree tops weather the whole time!)

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