Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Fresh Color and New Inspiration

The other night I clocked out a little early from my "mommy" job and my awesome husband took over for me while I went to go get a haircut and fresh color - let me tell you, those little grays popping up all over my head along with the fact that my 5 year old was bringing them to my attention, indicated that I really did need a little sprucing up! So - I took off from 5pm until about 10pm.....took care of my hair, then headed over to the bookstore to check out some of the newest crafting and sewing books I've been reading so much about on everyone's blogs.

I ended up purchasing these two:
Sew What! Skirts 16 Simple Styles You Can Make with Fabulous Fabrics

The Apron Book

I have to say, I am inspired! The skirt book is very simple - not anything that is really educational from my perspective, since I can sew pretty well (depending on the project - please don't ask me to make you curtains!). But, I like this book because it's all right there - all the simple instructions that I don't keep in my head, the ones that are scribbled on random sheets of paper and shoved into a drawer. I'm really inspired to make some cute wrap around skirts - for myself as well as my little girl. I'd really like to sew more for myself. Don't you just get sick of seeing all of the same clothes for sale in the stores?? Plus, I just LIKE the fact that I can MAKE that, instead of paying someone else.

Now, The Apron Book, is just darling! I love the fact that other women love aprons as much as I do. I love the history behind them and I love the creativity that they allow. This book has a little of everything - it's got instructions for making your own apron as well as a bit of history.

So, needless to say, I had a very enjoyable evening. thanks honey for feeding the kids, bathing the kids, and tucking them in.

Since we're on the topic of aprons - here is my latest. It's my first using my new serger - I think it turned out pretty cute. If you're interested - you can purchase it on my Etsy Site

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