Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Little Truck

I just whipped this up over the weekend. These little appliques are so easy if you've never done one before. I like them for my little boy. They allow me to be a little creative with his clothing.
If you'd like to try this yourself, all you need is preschool level drawing skills, some scrap fabric, a plain t-shirt (which might be the hardest thing in all this -I found mine at Old Navy), and some Wonder Under.
Anyway, all you do is draw your design onto the paper part of the fusible stuff, then iron it onto the fabric of your choice, cut it out, iron onto your fabric (sticky side down! don't iron it to your iron), then finish the edges any way you'd like.
I used the zig zag on my sewing machine but you could hand stitch a blanket stitch or even use fabric paint to outline your design. I used the zig zag because I'm anticipating washing this little shirt many times since my boy has discovered mud (see pictures below)!
If you've got any other great ideas, let me know!

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