Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Little Girl is Growing Up

My girl started Kindergarten on Monday. She did great! I did just fine - a few tears here and there, but all in all, so far, so good. My boy is absolutely obsessed with the school buses and he wants to ride one "NOW"! Today is day 3 of school and I've been taking her and picking her up. Next week I think we're going to try having her take the bus home. This will produce squeals of delight from my boy. He'll be glued to the front window watching for his sissy's bus 1 hour before it's supposed to arrive.
The start of Kindergarten has been a little more emotional than I expected. All last week I was in knots, worrying about silly things. I woke up one morning at 3:30am and couldn't fall back to sleep because I was worried I'd forget to charge the battery on my camera. I was worried because I didn't have a "special" breakfast planned for her, didn't have a "special enough" outfit for her to wear, and on and on. It's crazy I know - but I just didn't want to screw up her first day. I live in a community where most residents are very blessed with resources beyond what's truly needed. I need to constantly stop myself and remember that she's not going to care about all that later on (well, she might be ticked off if I didn't have a picture of her on the first day though).
I'm just glad that she is happy and willing to trot off to school and so far, has come home happy and ready to tell me about her day.
As I was leaving her school this morning, I passed a Kindergarten teacher wrangling a screaming, kicking, crying boy. I really admired that teacher for her patience. It's not an easy job being a teacher....duh. I also left with compassion for that little boy's mother. She was leaning against the wall just sobbing into her hands. It's hard enough sending your baby to school for the first time, but I can't imagine doing it if your child was miserable. It's not easy being a mom either......
Keep all of the Kindergarten Mommies in your thoughts and prayers these next few weeks, and pray for all of the little ones just starting out, that they may thrive and grow into happy, well-rounded kids.


Lacie said...

Ohhhhh...First of all my stomach is in a knot just thinking about next year with the K-man!

It always seems to be a bigger deal for the parents! Your sweet girl looks great in her outfit- might I add...the "perfect outfit"!

Hang in there Mom!

Anonymous said...

Way to go #1! So glad you did well at school your first few days! I was thinking about you.
Love, Aunt Mandie :)

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