Friday, August 15, 2008

Oh Yeah....Momma Likey! (Frosting, that is.)

Ooh, that buttercream frosting tastes soo good! What sort of world would this be without the decadence of butter. Forget that nasty margarine, shortening, oleo goo. Just enjoy the real stuff, that's what I say anyway. (Until I step on the scale).
My girl decorated these............
After Craft Club the other night, and feeling more confident in my decorating skills, I made these cuppy cakes for Supper Club. I've told you all about Craft Club - well, supper club is similar. Four of us in my neighborhood get together once a month and bring an entree that we have assembled and frozen ahead of time - enough for 4 families. It's not as bad as you might think - first of all, we all have similar sized families (ex. no growing teenage boys, just 2 parents and 2 little people). We also put the dinners in 8x8 Pyrex dishes, ready for the oven after defrosting. That makes plenty for a family of 4, and often times we eat the leftovers another night.
Each of us has a different category - either chicken, beef, vegetarian, or chef's choice plus dessert - that was me this month. We also supply the recipe. That way you can take a red marker and put a large X through it if you hated it (just kidding, anything I didn't have to think about preparing at 5:30pm in the evening with 2 munchkins hangin on my leg tastes out of this world!) - You may just not want to prepare that meal again for your in-laws (or........ you might, depending on your level of "likey, likey"). You also get to try a variety of foods and might find something that your whole family loves - in that case take your red marker and put a big Heart around it.

For us, Supper Club is more than that though - it's just a good excuse to get together with other mommy friends and spend some time together without the kids. We also make each other's lives a bit easier by providing 4 meals/month, in your freezer, ready to go.

I made Chicken with Artichokes and Olives in the slow cooker for my entree this month. It's on the menu for dinner tonight, we'll see what everyone thinks.

Are you part of a club such as this? If so, tell me about it!


Anonymous said...

Love this idea! (Also love the pic of your #1 with the cupcakes. So cute!)
My friends and I had a "Soup Swap" last fall. We all brought a BIG pot of soup and about 4-6 large tupperware containers and then swaped with each other. We went away with enough for 4 dinners or lunches. So fun! I am organizing this for our MOPS group this year. It is a fun fall/winter activity.

whoopsiedaisiesgal said...

I love the soup swap idea - we'll have to wait until the middle of January for that around here in Texas. It's too dang hot otherwise.
Yes, I wondered if anyone would see my girl peeking over the cuppy cakes ;)

crafter said...

Great club ideas!!! Cute cakes and cupcakes. You are a natural!

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