Thursday, August 21, 2008

Glorious Rain - and a Round Top SCORE!

Here in Texas, the summer has been scorching. My poor garden bit the dust while I was in Indiana and I had basically just given up on it - poor pathetic thing. Hot, Hot Sun and no rain are not good for growing anything but rocks.

But, lo and behold,'s been raining! Not just one day, not just two days, but ALL week! For the most part, just slow steady rain. I managed to pull out all of my dead tomato plants, etc. and replanted pumpkins, acorn squash, and bush beans. You know, that water from the sky does wonder for making things grow.

My boy has had lots of fun wearing his sister's hand me down yellow rain boots and playing with her Care Bear umbrella. Guess we need to get him a "boy" one, o well, he doesn't know the difference yet.

Round Top News - We found a place to stay!! I'm so excited. We'll be staying at this great B&B in Round Top. The house we're renting is a little bitty place - just one bedroom and a sleeper sofa, but it's adorable. I was able to stay at this B&B twice before. Once with my mother-in-law and several of her friends and once with my parents (you know, antique dealers - they had to see Round Top). I had been looking everywhere trying to find a decent place to stay. My girlfriends that are coming along on the trip have never had the "experience" of RT before, so I did want to make a good impression. I'll be sure to take lots of pictures. Can't wait, I'm hoping to find lots of things that I can't live without (that'll drive my hubby crazy when I lug everything home and try to find places for it all!)

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